Meet the Staff at NeuroFeedback of Maryland

Fred - NeuroFeedback of MarylandFred - Advanced Certified Technician-Zengar Institute

Fred has been using the NeuroOptimal Neurofeedback system since 2004. As an advanced Certified Neurofeedback technician, Fred decided to become a trained technician in this field after experiencing a tremendous transformation in his own ADHD diagnosis. In a relatively short period of time using Neurofeedback, Fred received relief from the impact that ADHD had on his life since childhood. Convinced he wanted to help others, Fred went on to receive his Advanced Training Certification in Neurofeedback in 2006 through the Zengar Institute. Please contact Fred at 443-277-4064 to learn more about this exciting technology or to schedule an appointment.


Diane - NeuroFeedback of MarylandDiane - Advanced Certified Technician-Zengar Institute

Diane was thrilled to discover neurofeedback in 2004.  “I was astonished on how much this simple training helped my husband, Fred.  Also, being a business owner of a growing company, I was interested in using the neurofeedback system for myself to achieve a higher level of concentration and achievement within my career path.  Since I have obtained my certification, I have had the joy in offering this training tool to help others achieve their goals or to help them facilitate their healing process.”