What are the Benefits of NeuroFeedback?

Improvement_over_20_sessionsYour brain controls everything in your body, by training your brain you will experience optimal brain performances. An advanced form of 'Brain Training', NeurOptimal neurofeedback has helped thousands of people to achieve peak performance and overcome mental challenges.


What neurofeedback is NOT…

Adding anything to or “shocking” your brain - All the changes that occur come from your own brain deciding how to optimize its functioning based on the information communicated back to it through interruptions in the music.

Treating specific disorders - Rather, the brain is training in using feedback in order to self-correct.  As a result, functioning improves in many areas of one’s health.  The training does not require you to make any effort during the session in order to be effective; rather, the central nervous system integrates the feedback outside of your conscious awareness. “You mean I don’t have to do anything?”  ”Yes, that’s right!”

Changing your personality - If you identify with your anxiety or depression and they start to dissipate, you may want to examine who you are beyond those symptoms. This shift is often a time when clients find a more creative, playful self.

What Happens in a NeurOptimal® Session?

Training Session Steps:

1. Sit in a comfortable chair
2. Trainer places sensors
3. May record a baseline
4. Starts the training session
5. You totally relax, listen to music or watch a movie
6. Trainer may record a second baseline
7. Removes sensors
8. Discussion

Your NeurOptimal® trainer will have you sit in a comfortable chair and look at a computer screen in front of you. They may ask you to fill in a very brief questionnaire describing how you are feeling.

The trainer will use some paste to place a tiny sensor on each side of your head, and three ear clips on your ears. The paste is needed to help pick up the delicate electrical activity of your brain. Much like an EKG or ECG, NeurOptimal® is simply reading this signal— nothing is going into you. The paste is easily removed after the session.  The trainer may record a baseline and review that with you before starting the training. While this is not necessary for the training, it can be fun to look at your brain activity at the beginning and end of your session. While NeurOptimal® offers some very exciting ways of assessing your progress, in the end it is always how you are doing in your life that counts most. After all, that is what brought you into training in the first place!

Then you will start training. Your trainer will give you some earbuds and maybe even a  'blankie". You might listen to music or watch a movie, and there will be very brief pauses in the sound or image. The pauses are often so quick you may not consciously notice them. The pauses correspond to moments of less fluid brain activity, and serve as cues to your brain. Your brain uses the mathematics behind these cues to distinguish between efficient and less effective brain activity. The very precise timing of these pauses gives the brain the information it needs to reorganize itself to operate more optimally. You can just relax and let your brain do its job, which it does very well without effort on your part. You can even close your eyes and just "zone out" if you want. The training time can vary, but is usually around 35 minutes. After you have finished, the trainer may record another baseline and compare it with your earlier one.

Your trainer is there to help you and answer any questions you may have, so please feel free to raise them. The most challenging thing can be trying to understand how NeurOptimal® works and luckily, you don't have to understand it for it to benefit your life. Even those of us who have worked with it for years still marvel at how miraculous it can be, so don't worry if you don't understand.

Transformation with NeurOptimal® happens according to the brain’s own intrinsic wisdom, with no conscious effort from any of us!